What Jewelry Can You Shower With?

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Can I shower with my jewelry is one of the most common questions we at Acecare Jewelry get from our customers. It's quite understandable, the fear of having precious jewelry been tarnished by water would be unbearable for anyone. It takes a lot of time to remove these jewelry nights in & nights out.

We will be going into details explaining which jewelry materials are affected by water.

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 Sterling Silver Jewelry: Although water doesn't affect the quality of metal, over time the look of the jewelry would change. It's best, not to spare perfumes, hair spray and any solution with chorine to your sterling silver jewelry to avoid damage it.

Diamond rings/accessories: Under no circumstance should diamond rings/accessories be exposure to water solution. It's a hard "NO".

Solid gold accessories: Yes! It can be worn in the shower and it won't be affected by exposure to water solution. Gold has low reactivity which makes it hard for discoloration. Gold can be affected by mercury but that isn't water.

Jewelry with pearls: This is a hard NO! Once exposed to the water solution, the discoloration of the pearl begins. This will result in the jewelry being tarnished.

Stainless Steel jewelry: Water has no effect on stainless steel jewelry however it depends on the quality of the stainless steel jewelry in question Water solution which has chloride would affect the stainless steel jewelry.

Silver-plated jewelry: Silver-plated jewelry will be tarnished if exposed to a water solution.

Gold-plated jewelry: Just like silverplate jewelry, if gold-plated jewelry is exposed to a water solution, it would meet the same faith.

14K Gold jewelry: 14K gold jewelry is not affected by water solution. However, It's best to avoid let's 14K gold jewelry come in contact with perfumes and other chemical substances.

18K Gold jewelry: Another hard No! 18K gold jewelry is just like eggshell compared to 14K gold jewelry. It's also important to avoid 18K gold jewelry from coming in contact with perfumes and chemical substances.

Gold-filled Jewelry: Exposure to water solution with affect or cause discoloration but it's best to handle with care. Gold-filled jewelry doesn't have the same resistance as solid gold jewelry.

Hopefully, we have clarified the jewelry that can be worn while going swimming or taking a show. Acecare jewelry offers exquisite and elegant jewelry for women.

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